Are 54mm wheels good for cruising?

What are 55mm wheels good for?

A larger wheel helps you skate rougher ground and ride up transitions easier. You can still skate street with larger wheels, but it will result in your skateboard feeling heavier. Wheels between 55-58mm are great for skating slightly rougher terrain or for skating bowls and ramps at a skatepark.

Are 52mm wheels good for beginners?

TIP: If you are beginner, we recommend a mid-sized (52mm-54mm) skate wheel with a medium durometer (90a 99a). Here’s what we’ll cover: Types of Skateboard Wheels. Skateboard Wheel Hardness (Durometer)

What size wheels are good for bowls?

In order to skate efficiently in a bowl (or pool) you need a wider deck, loose trucks and relatively hard wheels with a diameter between 56 and 58mm. 58mm sounds huge but it really helps to gain speed and keep momentum.

What are 54mm wheels good for?

This is another great size for starting out, maybe the best. 54mm is probably the best all rounder if you are looking at skating a big variety of terrain. This size seems to provide most skateboarders with the perfect blend of speed and acceleration. This really is the Goldilocks zone of wheel size choice.Aug 5, 2019

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What size wheels are best for cruising?

Anything above 53 mm is ideal for cruising or riding faster. Choosing a harder wheel is a good option if you plan on doing tricks.

What wheels are best for cruising on a skateboard?

Go for at least 56mm/92A if you want to ride comfortably and do tricks. Go for 58MM+ and 86A (and below) for a better cruising experience. Ricta’s at 60mm, 78A durometer and a contact patch of 32mm should provide a smooth ride.

Can you cruise with 52mm wheels?

It depends on the ground you are rolling, if it has gaps or it is concrete straight. In general 52mm wheels are good in every type of field because they are relatively big, so you want have problem cruising city streets and concrete fields.

Are 55mm wheels good for street skating?

As mentioned, most street and park wheels are between 50mm & 60mm. As a general rule you want a smaller wheel if you are going to be doing more technical street style tricks on a smoother surface. A bigger wheel will also provide a more forgiving ride on rougher surfaces like asphalt and weathered skateparks.Aug 5, 2019

Do I need risers for 55mm wheels?

Risers are usually recommended for larger wheels 55mm and above, and while not necessary for smaller skate wheels, 1/8″ shock pads can always be used to help reduce vibration and stress cracks to your board.

What wheel does Tony Hawk use?

The Tony Hawk T-Bone model also comes in Bones Wheels P5 shape offering reduced weight, less side drag, and optimum lock in on grinds. This is the premier wheel on the market for skatepark skating and the brand have an unblemished reputation based on performance and reliability.

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What size wheels do pro street skaters use?

Go with a wheel size between 50mm and 53mm max for street skateboarding. They won’t last you as long as larger wheels but technical tricks require smaller wheels. Get wheels with a hardness of 97a or 99a. 97a are a bit more comfortable on asphalt but 99a is one of the more popular durometers among street skateboarders.

Should I get 52mm or 53mm?

As a general rule you want a smaller wheel if you are going to be doing more technical street style tricks on a smoother surface. So back to the 52 & 54mm wheels we mentioned as a go to, if you are mostly skating a brand new smooth skatepark and would like to get into ollies, flips and ledge tricks, run the 52mm.Aug 5, 2019