How do guest tickets work TAMU?

How do guest tickets work TAMU?

Guest tickets must be purchased during your ticket pull. Guest tickets count as sports passes with Freshman classification for purposes of determining pull day. You may convert a student ticket to a guest ticket by purchasing a “guest label.” A Guest Label costs 50% of the ticket’s face value.24 Sept 2015

How many guest tickets can you pull TAMU?

You may pull up to 10 tickets with a single student ID (to pull more than 10 requires using the group pull window, which has its own rules that I’m not covering in this guide). Each sports pass grants you 1 student ticket. To be admitted to the game with a student ticket, you need a student ID.24 Sept 2015

Can Blinn students go to A&M games?

No. Blinn TEAM is only offered through the Texas A&M freshman admissions process. If you are a current Blinn student and are looking to transfer to Texas A&M, please contact the Texas A&M Office of Admissions or visit here for more information regarding the transfer application process.

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How much does it cost to go to a Texas A&M football game?

Season Location Average Ticket Price
—— ———- ——————–
2022 Kyle Field $54
2021 Kyle Field $54
2020 Kyle Field $197
2019 Kyle Field $81

How many guest tickets can you pull with a sports pass TAMU?

As for your guests, remember that you can get a maximum of 2 tickets per sports pass (1 student or conversion, and 1 guest).24 Sept 2015

What is a ticket pull?

What is Football Ticket Pull? Ticket Pull begins the Monday morning of each home game week. If ticket inventory is available, students without sports passes (walk-up) may purchase a ticket on Friday by presenting their student ID at the ticket window.

What is A&M sports Pass?

A sports pass includes all home football games for the season as well as home events for all ticketed sports in both the fall and spring semesters (Soccer, Volleyball, Track & Field, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Baseball and Softball).

Can Blinn students join A&M clubs?

The Texas A&M-Blinn TEAM Program is a collaborative, co-enrollment partnership between Texas A&M University and the Blinn College District. Students are selected for TEAM by Texas A&M University, through their freshman admissions process. Selected students then co-enroll at Blinn and Texas A&M.

Can Blinn students get a sports Pass?

Sports Passes RELLIS students registered in upper-level coursework have the option to purchase a Texas A&M University 12th Man Sports Pass through the 12th Man Foundation.

How do I get from Blinn to A&M?

* Students who complete 45 Blinn and 15 A&M credit hours within the two years, while maintaining academic standards, are guaranteed to transition to full enrollment in a degree-granting major at Texas A&M.

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How hard is it to get into Blinn TEAM?

Their overall acceptance rate is 60% (21,676 out of 35, 667 apps), but those are including the PSA and TEAM program students. Students who are admitted under the Top 10% rule make up about half of the accepted students (10,830/21, 676).16 Mar 2020

How do you get tickets to Texas A&M football?

Call our staff at 1-888-99-AGGIE (992-4443) to discuss your ticketing options. You may also purchase tickets at the Kyle Field North Ticket Box Office during regular business hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday (excluding holidays).

How much is a box at Kyle Field?

Interested in experiencing Kyle Field and Aggie Football from a premium area? Options are available to purchase season tickets in the All-American Club as well as Field Box sections. Choices begin at $2,065 which includes a required seat donation.14 Jun 2019

How much does an A&M sports pass cost?

Texas A&M students can register for a sports pass online at during designated times. A sports pass is $325, and the cost is billed to student fee statements passes added prior to July 31 will be billed on fall fee statements released in August by the university.