How do I cancel a monthly subscription to Patreon?

How do I cancel a monthly subscription to Patreon?

– Tap on the Account icon at the bottom menu.
– Tap on your profile name.
– Tap the pencil icon next to the membership you want to cancel.
– Scroll down and tap on Edit or Cancel payment below the update button.
– Select Cancel your membership from the menu.
– Tap the Cancel your membership button.

What happens when I cancel my Patreon subscription?

After you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the creator’s patron-only posts or benefits without an active membership. You can repledge to regain access. Any posts you had access to while you had an active memberships are listed on your billing history.

Can I cancel my Patreon after 1 month?

We recommend canceling on the last day of a month to ensure you do not renew and pay on the first. You can cancel your upfront membership at any time. Your cancelation stops the auto-renewal of your membership, meaning you won’t see future charges.

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How long does Patreon take to refund money?

To be eligible to receive a refund, patrons must contact Patreon within 10 days of the charge processing on their statement. Patrons will receive notice of whether the refund is denied, or approved and issued. Once a refund is issued, it can take up to 5-7 business days to process.

Do Patreons know when you cancel?

Yes, we do get notified in our notifications on the app and the website when a Patron pledges, changes their pledge, or cancels their pledge.

Can you cancel Patreon before paying?

You can cancel your upfront membership at any time. Your cancelation stops the auto-renewal of your membership, meaning you won’t see future charges. Since you’ve paid for the current month upfront, you’ll have access to our creator’s patron-only content for the remainder of the month.

Will I be charged if I cancel Patreon?

If you cancel and rejoin within the 1st month of your year, you won’t pay any additional membership fee. If you cancel and then upgrade your tier, we’ll credit the amount you already paid the creator at checkout, and you’ll pay the remaining cost.

Can you cancel Patreon whenever you want?

How can I cancel? You can delete your membership at any time while logged into your Patreon account. From the drop-down menu on the top right, click “Manage memberships” and you’ll be taken to a page that shows all of your active memberships.

Can you cancel Patreon after a month?

Monthly billing: Once you cancel, your access to the creator’s content on Patreon as well as any integrated benefits, like Discord, are revoked. Because you haven’t yet paid for your patronage in the month you cancel, your access is instantly revoked and you won’t be billed further.

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Can you cancel Patreon before being charged?

What happens after I cancel? Your membership ends as soon as you cancel. Since you’re back-billed — meaning you paid on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s access — your access ends immediately. If you have an outstanding bill (declined) with the creator, we may reattempt your payment even if you cancel.

Can people see what Patreons I subscribe to?

No, creator and user do not see your name or other personal information. You can change your name in Patreon. There are many people who want to hide their name on websites like Patreon and OnlyFans. You can be anonymous on both websites.

Can you see who views your Patreon?

In the “Recent Posts” Section of your posts overview dashboard, click on “Viewers” to see views of your posts. This metric lets you know the reach of all of your posts, and shows you the potential to convert post viewers into patrons.

Can you cancel Patreon anytime?

You can cancel your membership at any point. If you have any declined or pending bills on your account, cancelling your recurring membership will not remove these bills. We recommend that you review your Billing History page before cancelling to see if we’ll process any payments for you upon cancelling.

Does Patreon charge immediately?

Starting membership Some creators charge patrons immediately, or what we refer to as charge upfront billing. You pay up front to start your membership. Your membership then renews on the first of each month and you pay your pledged amount in full unless canceled.

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How do I dispute a Patreon charge?

– Log in to your Patreon account.
– Click on the “Message” icon.
– Choose the “New Message” option.
– Search the creator you want to send a message to in the “To” field.
– Write your message requesting a refund.