How do you organize a knowledge base in Confluence?

How do you organize a knowledge base in Confluence?

– Choose Spaces > Create space > Knowledge base space.
– Choose Space Tools > Permissions to set permissions for the space, including anonymous access.
– Choose Create > How-to or Troubleshooting and follow the prompts to create your first knowledge base article.

How do I arrange documents in Confluence?

– Go to the space and choose Space tools > Reorder pages from the bottom of the sidebar.
– Expand the branches to locate the page you want to move.
– Drag the page to a new position in the tree.

Can Confluence be used for requirements management?

You can use Confluence for general requirements gathering and project discussion on particular pages. Thanks to Confluence and Jira integration, you can create development issues directly from these requirements pages. That way, your team will be able to view requirements together with corresponding Jira tasks.Mar 5, 2018

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How does Confluence search work?

How Confluence search works. When you enter a search term, Confluence looks for content in all spaces (including personal spaces), pages, mail, personal profiles, and space descriptions. It also looks at the content of some attached file types (Word, Text, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and HTML).

How do I reorder subpages in Confluence?

How do I move files in Confluence?

– Go to > Attachments.
– Choose Properties next to the attachment you want to move.
– Enter the name of the page you want to move the attachment to (for example My Destination Page).
– Choose Save.

How do I search for an exact phrase in Confluence?

Search for an exact match Use double quotes around your search term to find a specific word or phrase. For example “product roadmap” will search for content that contains the phrase ‘product roadmap’, or a phrase where ‘product’ and ‘roadmap’ are the major words.

How do I add a hierarchy in Confluence?

To get a hierarchy or structure, you need to create pages in the shape you want for the structure (see for a very recent discussion on that), and then attach files to the appropriate pages.

How do I make Confluence searchable?

Click the search field at the top-right of Confluence. Click Advanced search on the left-side of the search panel. Type your keyword in the search field and hit enter.

How do you search for exact phrases in Jira?

To find exact matches for phrases, for example Jira Software, you need to enclose the whole phrase in quote-marks (“). Otherwise, the search will return all issues that contain both words in no particular order – this would include Jira Software, but also Jira is the best software!.

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What can Confluence be used for?

Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool used to help teams to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. With confluence, we can capture project requirements, assign tasks to specific users, and manage several calendars at once with the help of Team Calendars add-on.

How do you use requirements in Confluence?

Why is Confluence search so bad?

The biggest problem Confluence search has is that it’s terrible with relevance, and using its tools to narrow down the search can improve the relevance of the results considerably.

How you can search using a search box in Jira?

– From your project’s sidebar, select Issues.
– If you’re in the Basic search mode, select JQL.
– Enter your JQL query.
– Press Enter or click to run your query. Your search results will be displayed in the issue navigator.

Why can’t I reorder pages in Confluence?

To move a page, you need the following permissions: ‘Add’ permission on the page you’re moving, and. ‘View’ permission on the page’s parent page. If you’re moving the page to a different parent, you need ‘View’ permission on the new parent.

How do I use advanced search in Confluence?

– Click the search field at the top-right of Confluence.
– Click Advanced search on the left-side of the search panel.
– Type your keyword in the search field and hit enter.

What is a page tree in Confluence?

The Page Tree macro displays a dynamic, hierarchical list of pages starting from a specified parent (root) page. It can act as a table of contents or a list of related topics. When viewing the page tree, your reader can click a link to view the relevant page. The page’s current position is highlighted in the page tree.

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How do I improve my Confluence search?

– Create better searches by categorizing your spaces. Use Confluence’s built in categories feature for Spaces to better your search results.
– Auto-populate space categories. Better Search loads the current Space’s categories into the search bar for you for better results.
– Same look and feel.

What is the use of Confluence in Jira?

Adding Confluence gives you the power to organize all of the ideas, content, and files that you and your team create as you bring your vision to life. When you link a Jira Software project to the Confluence space where all your project documentation lives, you eliminate the need for shared drives and file folders.