How do you structure a walking tour?

How do you structure a walking tour?

– STEP 1: Picking the location/s. As a local resident, pick a location that you think you have adequate knowledge on.
– STEP 2: Research the idea for your tour well.
– STEP 3: Planning the route.
– Step 4: Create a guided discovery.
– Step 5: Schedule and Advertise.

How long should a walking tour be?

potential stops with this in mind: – A walking tour should not take more than an hour to walk longer walks, particularly on hot summer afternoons, tend to wear the visitor out, particularly older visitors. – Try to limit the tour to about 10 stops.

How do you write a walking tour script?

– Create a great introduction.
– Balance the types of content.
– Find the content and write the tour script.
– Think of the best way to explain your stop.
– Create natural transitions in your itinerary.
– End the tour with style.
– Control time, practice and improve the tour script.

How much should I pay for a free walking tour?

One question we are asked regularly is “how can the tours be free?”. The tours are ‘free’, because unlike regular tour providers’ services, there is no set price for taking a tour, no prescribed fee to pay regardless of the tour experience itself.

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How do I make a tour app?

How do I make an audio tour app?

– Sign up for a free account.
– Name your tour, add a description and a cover image.
– Create stops by adding photos and a description.
– Audio will be generated automatically using stop description (or you can upload your own audio)

What is tour app?

Tour is a mileage log app like no other. The Tour app puts an end to notating journeys by hand and tracks your trips all automatically. Use your time on the road for more useful things than notating journeys in a log. So you can enjoy your milage log even more, the app is easy to use and easy on the eyes too.

How do you make a guided tour?

How do I create a route Map?

How do you Map a walk?

Draw a Route on a Map Draw your walking, running or cycling route by clicking on the map to set the starting point. Then click once for each of the points along the route you wish to create to calculate the distance. Change the view to map, satellite, hybrid or terrain using the controls above the Google route map.

How do I create a tour app?

– Enter the name of your app. Choose the category that works best for you.
– Add the features on the next screen. Create a Tour App in minutes without any coding.
– Launch your app on app stores. Make travel convenient for the users with your Tour app.

How long should an audio tour be?

Traditional Tours. Companies that produce audio tours for sighted visitors try to keep their stops at around ninety seconds, and rarely go over two minutes. Of course, these stops do not include verbal description. So a stop that includes verbal description will be longer, but not necessarily dramatically longer.

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Is VoiceMap free?

With hundreds of free and paid tours, VoiceMap offers huge variety. Reviews: Lonely Planet: “High-quality self-guided walking tours Narrated by local experts, they provide insight into corners of the city sometimes overlooked by regular guided tours.”