How many years does a BBL last?

How many years does a BBL last?

You can expect a BBL’s results to last for up to several years, and perhaps even several decades depending on how well you treat your buttocks during the recovery process. Your BBL can and will last for decades if you treat your BBL in a way that maximizes your results.

What are long term effects of a BBL?

pain. lumps under the skin in the areas suctioned or injected. loss of skin in the treated areas due to deep infection. fat embolism in the heart or lungs, which can be deadly.15 Jul 2019

What happens to a BBL after 10 years?

Butt implants typically need to be removed or replaced every 10 years. But the fat cells that are transferred in the BBL are permanent to that area three months after the surgery, Lanhijani says. The fat can still change size if a person loses or gains weight, but it will stay in the same place.20 Aug 2021

What happens to a Brazilian butt lift as you age?

The Brazilian butt lift is intended to be permanent. When healthy fat is taken from one part of your body and transferred to your buttocks, it will be there for good. The fat cells will grow and age with the rest of your body’s tissues.

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What happens to your body after BBL?

For a few days following your Brazilian Butt Lift, it’s very common to experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort, both at the liposuction site and the injection sites. There may even be a small amount of fluid that leaks out from the sites, which may be tinged pink or red from blood.

Does a BBL ever go away?

The BBL will potentially last for decades without the need for additional procedures. However, some patients opt to come in during their later years for a lift procedure to combat sagging due to the normal aging process. Others may choose to do occasional skin tightening procedures to maintain their results.

Does fat come back after BBL?

If you gain weight after your surgery, you’ll find that the transferred fat cells respond accordingly. The size of your buttocks will increase as you gain weight, but so will other parts of your body. If your weight gain is gradual, there will be no undue change to the overall shape and structure of your buttocks.

Do you go up a size after BBL?

Like other fat cells in the body, the fat cells transferred during BBL can swell or shrink with subsequent weight gain or weight loss, which can alter the size and shape of your buttocks.22 Apr 2021

How does a BBL look after years?

Most plastic surgery patients have excellent results with their BBL for years after surgery. After 10 years, you should have the same round, perky shape to your rear as you did after surgery. As long as you don’t put on or lose a lot of weight, you should see pleasing results 10 or more years later.20 Sept 2021

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Are BBL results permanent?

The results of your Brazilian butt lift are semi-permanent. Due to the fact that your fat cells change over time, it’s impossible for your procedure to deliver a truly permanent outcome.14 Oct 2019

Will a BBL go away?

When done properly and healed correctly, the results can last many years. In short, a Brazilian butt lift is a semi-permanent procedure. This is because the nature of your fat is also semi-permanent.

When does a BBL become permanent?

Generally speaking, most patients can return to work within 1-2 weeks with certain restrictions, including using a unique pillow when sitting and driving. The full recovery process for a BBL can last up to four to six weeks, and the final results can take about six months to a year to be fully seen.