How painful is meniscus root repair surgery?

How painful is meniscus root repair surgery?

The pain from a meniscus root tear can be immediate and intense. Knee pain, especially at the back and medial side of the knee, or the patient hearing a “pop” at the time of injury, can indicate a meniscus root tear.

How do I know if my meniscus root repair failed?

If a patient develops pain along the joint line or locking or catching during his postoperative course, it is possible that the meniscus repair didn’t heal. An MRI in the early weeks after surgery can be confusing because the repair might not be expected to have fully healed yet.

How long does pain last after meniscus repair?

Arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus (meniscectomy) Arthroscopic surgery is outpatient same day surgery with local or regional anesthetic. An uncomplicated meniscectomy will resolve most of the pain fairly quickly, but swelling and stiffness take time to resolve. It may take 4-5 months for full healing.

How long after meniscus repair surgery can I walk?

It usually takes about 4 to 8 weeks for patients to increase weight bearing and range of motion. Most patients can walk without a knee brace and crutches in about 2 to 3 months. Recovery time from a partial meniscectomy (partial removal of the meniscus) is quicker than recovery from a meniscus repair.Sep 1, 2020

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What happens if meniscus repair doesnt work?

If the meniscal tissue fails to heal then it is likely that eventually the tiny sutures will tear and fail, and the knee will remain symptomatic. However, the average success rate for meniscal repairs healing up successfully is approximately 90%, which is pretty good for any surgical procedure.

How serious is a meniscus root tear?

Meniscal root tears are devastating tears of the meniscal cartilage in the knee at the point where it connects to bone. In essence, the root is the anchor point of the meniscus. Such tears can lead to significant knee pain, dysfunction, instability and rapid development of osteoarthritis.

When do meniscus repairs fail?

The most important findings of the present meta-analysis were that meniscus repair yields in an overall failure rate of 19.1% at a mean follow-up of 86 months. More than one third (36%) of meniscus repairs fail after the second year and 13% after the fifth postoperative year.

Can meniscus be repaired twice?

If a patient underwent a surgical meniscus repair and still experiences pain and swelling, or if a patient re-tears the cartilage, a revision meniscus repair may be necessary.

Does a meniscus root tear require surgery?

Treatment. Historically, medial meniscal root tears have been treated conservatively or by partial meniscectomy. With advances in surgical techniques and instrumentation, meniscal root repair is a viable option that can restore the biomechanics and kinematics of the knee (Figure 4).

How long does it take for a meniscus root tear to heal?

Squatting, lifting from a squat and sitting cross-legged should be avoided for 3-4 months. Stationary biking is allowed after 6-weeks with Dr. Nwachukwu’s approval and assessment of healing. Full recovery usually takes 6 months but can take up to 1 year.

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Can a meniscus root tear get worse?

The bone nearby can frequently become inflamed, causing significant pain. Studies have shown that the majority of patients who suffer medial meniscus root tears which cannot be repaired undergo a rapid progression of arthritis in that region and progress to knee replacement within 5 years, and many within 1 year.

How do you fix a meniscus root tear?

In a meniscus root tear, the meniscus is damaged near its attachment to the bone. In a ‘repair’ procedure, stitches are used to reattach the torn meniscus back to the bone. This is done by drilling a small tunnel in the bone from just below the knee, exiting where the meniscus tore away from the bone.