Is it easy to read the Odyssey?

Is it easy to read the Odyssey?

It is an easier read. Perhaps more due to the prose than the setting. Setting wise, one would think the Odyssey would be harder to follow with all of the different locations, as opposed to simply being Troy, the field and the beaches. However, there are fewer characters to keep straight.25 Apr 2018

Is Homer Odyssey hard to read?

The Odyssey is not a difficult book to read when it is translated into English! Because we translate the text into modern English it can be a lot easier to read than Shakespeare!

Which version of the Odyssey is easiest to read?

4. The Odyssey (Puffin Classics) by Geraldine McCaughrean is a good choice for middle readers who just want the narrative with no frills in an inexpensive condensed version. This one is just over a hundred pages, with easy-to-read language that gives students a good introduction to the epic in a non-epic format.16 Apr 2017

Is the Odyssey good to read?

It’s an essential book for students of literature and students of Greek history and culture. Because the book recounts not only Odysseus’ tumultuous journey home and his son Telemakhos’ coming of age but also tales of Odysseus’ bravery in the Trojan War, it includes a good deal of violence.

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How do you read The Odyssey?

In what order should I read The Odyssey?

First the Iliad, then the Odyssey, then the Aeneid, for two reasons: As far as the plot is concerned, that’s the correct chronological order. The Trojan war—or rather a synopsis of it—is narrated in the Iliad and it is followed by Odysseus’ journey and Aeneas’ escape.

Do you read The Odyssey first?

The Iliad is the earlier work (it was written first) [1]. Also the events in the Odyssey are a direct consequence of what happens in the Iliad and the reader of the Odyssey is assumed to know the summary of the plot in the Iliad and who the main characters are. So it would come natural to read the Iliad first.

What age is appropriate to read The Odyssey?

The inclusion of greek gods highlights that the novel was written earlier, meaning the language used may be difficult for some to interpret. I would mostly recommend this epic to teens 15 and older, not because of the language used but moreso the level of maturity needed to understand the sensuality used in the novel.

Why is reading The Odyssey important?

The episodes of The Odyssey taught audiences about their own religion and customs, the importance of family loyalty, and Greek military accomplishments, as well as practices of people outside the Greek world (like the Cyclops). From Homer’s poems, ancient Greeks were reminded what it meant to be, in a word, Greek.

Is The Odyssey a good story?

The Odyssey is not only a great romantic, adventure epic, but it’s terribly realistic in its depiction of human nature and a brilliantly crafted narrative. Authors today could learn from how Homer lays out his plot and plays the characters off against each other for maximum reader involvement.

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Why is the Odyssey out of order?

Homer sets The Odyssey out of chronological order to give the reader background information on previous events that occurred, to express emotions that Odysseus feels as his challenging journey continues, and to make the reader more aware of the emotions of the main character.