What is Scandinavian Christmas?

What is Scandinavian Christmas?

Christmas is the favorite celebration of the Nordic region, a space covering Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. Candles and a decorated hearth are common parts of the Scandinavian Christmas tradition, passed down from celebrations of Winter Solstice.

What are Scandinavian holidays?

– 25 March Våffeldagen (Waffle day)
– 30 April Valborg (Walpurgis Night)
– 17 May Norway’s Constitution Day.
– 5 June Denmark’s Constitution Day.
– 6 June Sweden’s National Day.
– 23 June Sankt Hans Aften (Saint John’s Eve)

What is a traditional Scandinavian Christmas dinner?

These lunches will usually consist of a smörgåsbord of bread and fish along with generous amounts of beers, spirits and wine followed by singing and toasts. The big Christmas dinner, meanwhile, is traditionally held on the 24th and involves a sumptuous feast of pork, red cabbage, potatoes and gravy.

What are Scandinavian Christmas colors?

A classic Scandinavian color palette includes white and just one other color. For the holidays, it’s red: Think bakers twine and peppermint candies. Organic elements, particularly natural wood, are also a hallmark of this look. See how a few easy tweaks to this living room become a stunning nod to Scandinavian style.

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What are the 7 Scandinavian countries?

In general, Scandinavia denotes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The term Norden refers to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These form a group of countries having affinities with each other and are distinct from the rest of continental Europe.

How do the Norwegians decorate for Christmas?

Before Christmas we decorate the house with wreaths, angels, gnomes, hearts, stars, and maybe a nativity scene or a gingerbread house. More and more people also decorate their houses on the outside with lights and wreaths. Most families have a Christmas tree in the living room.

How do you make a Scandi Christmas?

What is Norway’s Christmas colors?

Christmas colors in Norway are Red and White rather than Red and Green.

How do you decorate a Scandi Christmas tree?

– Stick to a neutral color palette of whites and metallics.
– Use candles to mimic the northern lights.
– Use natural colored greenery.
– Don’t use too many ornaments.
– Incorporate wood tones to add warmth.
– Don’t overthink it and keep it simple!

Why Finland is not part of Scandinavia?

It is geographically not in Scandinavia in the strict sense which means the Scandinavian peninsula. Finnish is not a Scandinavian language. Swedish is an official language in Finland, though, and there are traditionally Swedish-speaking areas in the coastal regions and archipelago.

How do Scandinavians celebrate Christmas?

On Christmas Eve, or Julafton, Swedes celebrating Christmas attend church services. They return home to a traditional family dinner including a buffet dinner (smörgåsbord) with ham, pork, or fish, and a variety of sweets. After the festive Christmas Eve dinner, someone dresses up as Tomte.Feb 4, 2020

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How do Norwegians celebrate Christmas Day?

Despite Christmas day being the time when most other countries have their main celebrations, Norwegians choose to celebrate on Christmas Eve instead, which is known as “Julaften.” This is when families get together and eat a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal, which is usually followed by holding hands and dancing

What are Scandinavian known for?

– Coastal Scenery. Scoured by glaciers, speckled with islands and buffeted by wind and rain, the Nordic coastlines are spectacular.
– Hiking.
– Cycling.
– Vikings.
– Winter Wonders.
– Canoeing & Kayaking.
– Modern Art & Architecture.
– Historic Buildings & Churches.

What is a traditional Christmas dinner menu?

– 1 of 10 Bacon Wrapped Dates.
– 2 of 10 Baked Stuffed Brie with Cranberries & Walnuts.
– 3 of 10 Swedish Christmas Glogg.
– 4 of 10 Kim’s Eggnog Cheesecake.
– 5 of 10 Green Beans Almondine.
– 6 of 10 Orange Glazed Ham.
– 7 of 10 Fancy Crusted Rosemary Scalloped Potatoes.
– 8 of 10 Pancetta Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Pecans.

What are Swedish Christmas decorations?

Swedish Christmas is full of straw. In addition to straw wreaths and straw goats, many Swedes decorate their trees with straw ornaments. The traditional ornaments come in a variety of traditional shapes including several varieties of stars, angels, pine cones, and of course goats.

How do you make a Scandinavian Christmas wreath?

What is Scandinavian Christmas decor?

Scandinavian Christmas decorations are taken seriously across the region. While each country has slight variations in how they approach the decor, there’s an overall focus on natural elements like wood, flowers, and greenery, as well as a lot of the classic colors such as red, green, gold, and silver.Nov 1, 2021

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How many countries are there in Scandinavia?

3 Scandinavian countries

What is traditional Christmas food?

Traditional Christmas dinner features turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables. Other types of poultry, roast beef, or ham, are also used. Pumpkin or apple pie, raisin pudding, Christmas pudding, or fruitcake are staples for dessert.