What scent is white pumpkin?

What scent is white pumpkin?

Share: White Pumpkin is a warm, buttery maple scent topped with a fluffy whipped cream and toasted coconut scent.

What does white pumpkin chai smell like?

This fragrance mist doesn’t smell as sweet as the lotion and body cream form. The body cream and lotion smell almost like Cinnamon rolls while the fragrance mist is slightly sweet but more on the pumpkin smell. You barely smell the cinnamon cider or vanilla glaze. This is like something your grandma would wear.

What does pumpkin candle smell like?

If sweet scents are your jam, this is the fall candle for you. It smells just like fresh waffles, maple syrup, brown sugar, and pumpkin spice. It’s so good, you’ll want to make a batch of your own pumpkin waffles ASAP.27 Jul 2021

What is the most popular Bath and Body Works Christmas scent?

Fresh Balsam

What is the most popular scent at Bath and Body Works?

Japanese Cherry Blossom is hailed as one of America’s best-selling and most popular Bath & Body Works scents and for a good reason.7 Jan 2022

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What does Bath and Body Works White citrus smell like?

White Citrus by Bath and Body Works is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. White Citrus was launched in 2009. Top notes are Lemon, Grapefruit and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Ginger, Freesia, Lily-of-the-Valley, Apricot and Rose Water; base notes are Musk and Woody Notes.

What does white jasmine smell like Bath and Body Works?

White Jasmine is a spring symmetry scent. It has a fresh clean scent and will enjoy wearing for the spring and summer. Very pretty, sorta sweet, feminine floral. Love it!

What does white jasmine smell like?

The scent of jasmine is incredibly sensual, rich and sweet. More poetically, jasmine could be described as intoxicating, exotic and intense. While it’s a floral scent, there’s an animalic element to it which might also explain why it’s long been considered an aphrodisiac.15 Nov 2021

What does white pumpkin smell like?

In Fall 2020, White Pumpkin’s fragrance notes were white pumpkin, autumn spice blend and ground cinnamon. To my nose, the 2021 version is 90% the same as the prior version. The 2021 version has a slight whiff of caramel and a warmer vibe from increased ginger.1 Nov 2021

What does pumpkin cupcake smell like?

The top notes are apparently orange zest, apple, and toasted pecan with middle notes of sheer jasmine, and cupcake accord. A direct mist right out of the bottle will get you that first creamy cupcake accord note right away. To me, it almost smells like a vanilla play-doh-ish note!7 Sept 2016

What does Bath and Body Works marshmallow pumpkin latte smell like?

It’s a musky spicy marshmallow-coffee with a hint of pumpkin I suppose. It has an addictiveness to it even though it’s not my favorite of all time. You will smell like a combo of food and perfumey musk.

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What does sweet cinnamon pumpkin smell like?

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is a warm inviting fruity, spicy and gourmand scent. Top notes : pumpkin, apple and ginger. Heart: ginger, cinnamon and jasmine. Base: vanilla, golden amber and rum.

Does into the night smell good?

Great Scent! Perfect for date nights! The fragrance notes: Amber Crystals, Velvety Rose Petals, Creamy Patchouli, and Mocha Musk stand out greatly! This is very long lasting and a fancy scent!