What strength of milk thistle is best?

What strength of milk thistle is best?

Milk thistle is considered to be safe when used properly. Standardized milk thistle extracts should contain 70 80% Silymarin. Ideally, the silybin content should also be mentioned and account for ~40% (the higher the better). The typical silymarin dosage used in most studies was ~420 mg/day divided into 2 or 3 doses.Sep 9, 2021

What is the number one milk thistle?

Our top pick is the Nature’s Craft Liver Support Supplement, which gives you a 200mg dose of silymarin through milk thistle seed extract. If you want a totally organic, responsibly sourced option, check out Gaia’s supplement, or choose Jarrow Formulas for the cheapest available.

Do doctors recommend milk thistle?

Medical research on milk thistle and liver health has led to mixed results. Studies show that silymarin may help ease inflammation and promote cell repair. This may help ease symptoms from liver diseases like jaundice, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and fatty liver disease.

How do I choose a milk thistle supplement?

To get any potential benefits from a milk thistle supplement, you’ll want to make sure silymarin is mentioned. Some milk thistle makers include various natural ingredients, which they claim help with additional liver support. Take a look at the label to ensure nothing included that you may be allergic to.

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What is the most potent milk thistle?

Although silybin is the most potent of the flavonoids in milk thistle, similar to other flavonoids it is not well-absorbed. Silybin-phosphatidylcholine complexed as a phytosome provides significant liver protection and enhanced bioavailability over conventional silymarin.

What brand of milk thistle is the best?

– Best Overall. Puritan’s Pride Milk Thistle. Affordable Six Month Supply.
– Best Antioxidant Formula. Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle.
– Strongest Dose. Fresh Nutrition Milk Thistle Capsules.
– Best for Liver Health. FarmHaven Milk Thistle Capsules.
– Most Trusted. Nature’s Bounty Milk Thistle Capsules.

How long does it take for milk thistle to improve liver function?

Sometimes it can take up to 3 months for a milk thistle supplement to show its benefit. Our best advice is to stick with it, as it’ll benefit you in the long run for sure! As for milk thistle dosage for fatty liver, a 90-day study found that 250-376mg of milk thistle per day helped reduce liver fat.

How long should milk thistle be taken?

How Long to Take Milk Thistle For. Milk thistle is generally considered safe to be taken long term, with the previously mentioned study stating it was safe for up to 41 months.

What happens when you start taking milk thistle?

Milk thistle seems to have few side effects, even when taken for several years. Some people have nausea, diarrhea, itching, and bloating. Interactions. If you take any medicines regularly, talk to your doctor before you start using milk thistle.Jun 9, 2021

What are the benefits of taking milk thistle?

– Milk Thistle Protects Your Liver.
– It May Help Prevent Age-Related Decline in Brain Function.
– Milk Thistle Could Protect Your Bones.
– It May Improve Cancer Treatment.
– It Can Boost Breast Milk Production.
– It Could Help Treat Acne.

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What is the maximum amount of milk thistle you can take in a day?

Dosage and side effects There is no standardized dosage or recommended intake for milk thistle tea, but it’s generally considered safe if consumed in moderation. Milk thistle supplements, for reference, are tolerated at doses of up to 700 mg, 3 times per day for 24 weeks ( 1 ).Mar 4, 2021