Which tequila is good for a gift?

Which tequila is good for a gift?

Believe it or not, Patrón tequila is a certified additive-free drink, so you can be sure that it’s made with 100% blue weber agave. And this cool presentation tin makes it an ideal gift for world tequila day. Another certifiably ‘additive-free’ tequila, this time made using champagne yeast in the fermentation process.21 Jul 2021

Can I send tequila as a gift?

Order Tequila Gifts online or call 1-877-SPIRITS (774-7487) for assistance from our knowledgeable Gift Concierge Specialists. Find out just how easy it is to send great quality Tequila Gifts anytime, anywhere.

Is Don Julio a nice gift?

This Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila is an exceptional gift, one that can also be engraved with golden lettering and sent in a gift box.21 Nov 2018

What to get for someone who loves tequila?

– 1 Tequila & Tacos: A Guide to Spirited Pairings.
– 2 Clase Azul Gold Tequila.
– 3 Agave at Noon.
– 4 Gourmet Alcohol-Infused Popcorn Trio.
– 5 1800 Cristalino.
– 6 Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glasses.
– 7 Rocket Porcelain & 16K Goldplating Tequila Decanter.

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What do you put in a margarita gift basket?

Fill up any empty spaces in your margarita gift basket with plastic margarita glasses, a bag of tortilla chips, a small jar of salsa and guacamole mix. You can also add fancy crackers, cheese and summer sausages as hor d’oeuvres to go with the margaritas.

Can I give tequila as a gift?

Instead, get tequila gifts for the lover of the agave-based liquor that makes the most of their favorite drink while also being something so unique and personal, it’ll surely be one of their favorite gifts ever!7 Dec 2021

What is margarita salt made of?

This recipe could not be simpler (literally). Here’s how to make margarita salt: Place kosher salt, lime zest and orange zest on a cutting board.11 Apr 2019

Is a bottle of tequila a good gift?

Which is to say that tequila can make an excellent gift for any number of recipients on your list. While some bottles are pricey collector’s items, others are bottom-shelf gems ideal for dinner party hosts (or for keeping as a gift to yourself).25 Nov 2021

What do you get a tequila drinker for Christmas?

– Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses.
– Tequila Bottle Lamp.
– Monterrey Personalized Tequila Shot Flight Set.
– Volcanic Rock Mezcal Flight Tray.
– Power Up Tumbler.
– Final Touch Agave Tequila Decanter.
– Tequila Mockingbird Beach Towel.
– Tequila & Tacos: A Guide to Spirited Pairings.

What do you buy an alcoholic for Christmas?

– Spin The Shot Drinking Game – $14.99.
– Whiskey Ice Cube Stones – $19.99.
– Checkers Shotglass Drinking Game – $34.99.
– Crystal Skull Shot Glass – $11.01.
– Marshall Amplifier Fridge – $449.99.
– Dual Drink Backpack – $37.27.
– Shot And Chaser Shot Glass – $14.99.

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What is top shelf tequila?

Best Top-Shelf: Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Añejo Tequila Considered the best of any brand’s portfolio, añejos are higher priced and typically reserved for high-end cocktails or sipping straight. The blue agave is estate-grown, and the tequila is aged for 18 to 24 months in American and French oak barrels.18 Oct 2021

What is the #1 tequila?

Rank Brand Category
—- ———- ———————-
1 El Jimador Best budget tequila
2 Corralejo Best value tequila
3 Don Julio Best tequila under $50
4 T1 Tequila Best reposado tequila

Which tequila is the smoothest?

Casamigos Blanco One of the smoothest, most natural tasting tequilas on our list, Casamigos is made in the Jalisco highlands from 100% agave. Clooney, and co-founder Rande Gerber, say they wanted to make, “the best-tasting, smoothest tequila that didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime.”8 Dec 2021