Why was Alan Parsons Project Cancelled?

Why was Alan Parsons Project Cancelled?

The Alan Parsons Live Project has postponed its U.S. tour due to the resurgence of Covid-19. “It is with huge disappointment that I have postponed our upcoming U.S. tour dates in August and September,” Alan Parsons said in a statement. Parsons added, “All shows should be re-scheduled.20 Aug 2021

Is the Alan Parsons Project still touring?

Alan Parsons Live Project has been postponed to new dates TBD in 2022. Tickets will be honored at the new date. No refunds. Throughout Parsons’ varied career he has been a leader in blending technology and art together to create a masterful repertoire on record and on stage.

Why was it called Alan Parsons Project?

Why is it called the Alan Parsons Project? In 1974, Alan Parsons was nominated for a Grammy award to recognise his engineering work on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. They decided that they liked the proposal and the working title and so it stuck The Alan Parsons Project was born.

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Who died in the Alan Parsons Project?

– The Alan Parsons Project founder member Eric Woolfson has died aged 64.
– Woolfson, who formed The Alan Parsons Project with Parsons in 1975, passed away in London on Tuesday (December 1), after suffering from cancer.

Was Alan Parsons involved with the Beatles?

Parsons was involved with the production of several albums, including the Beatles’ Abbey Road (1969) and Let It Be (1970), Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), and the eponymous debut album by Ambrosia in 1975.

Who has Alan Parsons worked with?

He also worked on Freudiana (1990) and then three of Alan Parsons’ solo albums. He produced the first two albums by Kate Bush. He has also worked with artists ranging from Stockhausen, Boulez and Ligeti to Donovan, Leo Sayer, Chris de Burgh and Kansas.

What is Alan Parsons famous for?

Alan Parsons’ work spans decades and disciplines, from starting work for EMI at 16, to vast success on several significant albums, including The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Let It Be, the eponymous debut album by Ambrosia, and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

Why did Alan Parsons stop working with Pink Floyd?

Parsons declined to take part in Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, the follow-up to The Dark Side of the Moon, in order to launch his own band. By then, Parsons had already begun a sporadic solo career. He later launched the Alan Parsons Live Project as a way to present his group’s songs on stage to a new generation.29 Apr 2019

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What bands did Alan Parsons play in?

The Alan Parsons Project

Was Alan Parsons a tape operator for the Beatles?

After all, decades ago at Abbey Road Studios, a 19-year-old Parsons began his first professional gig as a tape operator. I was just a lowly button pusher and tape operator at the time. I was still fairly new to the game then; I had only been working at Abbey Road for six months when they started the album.26 Sept 2019

What nationality is Alan Parsons?


What did Alan Parsons do on Dark Side of the Moon?

Soon after, Parsons received a promotion, and was assigned to work on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as a staff engineer — an experience he has described as “very life-changing,” since “the album was huge, and I got a degree of recognition for it, so that paved the way for getting a career in production.” Here, in 12 Jan 2021